Photography to Cherish

I am inspired to pick my camera up almost every day to capture the games that light plays. I'm lucky enough to have lived in Colorado since 2003 and am quite madly in love with the land and animals I share this state with.

Photography was my first art, I completed my degree in Studio Photography at Syracuse University, but after college I worked for many years as a professional lead singer and wrote original soul~funk music that I performed.

I'm an avid bicyclist which was one of the larger influences that got me to move from the city of San Francisco to Colorado... the bicycle paths here are fantastic and the odds were getting stronger that I was going to get killed on the city streets. I rode only my bicycle (no car) for 16 years, which is ironic because I am the daughter of a race car driver and grew up at sports car tracks in the East Coast and now race Rallycross in Colorado.

I am passionately in love with photography, wedding photography especially. Being able to use my equipment and artistic skills to provide, once in a lifetime photographs gets me hopped up.

It’s essential to me that you not only enjoy working with me on the day, but that the photos take your breath away. Together, we’ll plan for photos that will mean something and we will have a great time doing it!

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