August 13, 2020

Free Engagement Shoot


Offering free engagement shoots to the couples that hire me (for wedding packages over $2,000) is a cornerstone of my wedding photography business. When we get to experience a couple of hours in a gorgeous location photographing and talking, it gives me great insight into your style and the type of photographs you like. Photographically, I get to correct photographs of you beforehand, learn your best angles and how to work with you for posing and settings and then find out which is your favorite so I can lean that way for your wedding. It is important that we get to know each other a little bit before you are being bombarded with a million details on your wedding day.

We pick the locations for these portraits together. If you have some place special in mind I can help to find the best spot there photographically, obtain permits and pick an ideal time. If you have no idea where to shoot your engagement photos, I have a broad portfolio of places that I can pick from, and always love new ones!

Sometimes I get asked if we can take the price of the engagement session out of the package price because you don’t need it. I don’t do that, that is why it’s free. I include it because I think it’s important. If you don’t use it, I won’t mind, but it is free and does not have to be used solely for engagement announcements. Sometimes it’s just fun to get together in a beautiful place and play around for a couple of hours with a camera.