2022 was highlighted by the best clients I’ve ever had!

What a beautiful year in my career! I had the pleasure of working with some of the most wonderful couples of my career. I did almost all of my work in the mountains, usually in Rocky Mountain National Park. I got to take both out of town and native Coloradans all over the park and we got to experience some amazing times together. Here is a small sampling of 50 photos that I loved…

From My Clients...


"Gretchen was absolutely fantastic! She had great ideas for locations and made us feel very comfortable during the portrait session. On the big day she was prompt and professional even when our own schedules inevitably got messed up and things had to be rearranged. She was able to adapt well and got some amazing shots. After the wedding, she got us our photos very quickly and now we can’t stop showing them to anyone and everyone who will let us. If you’re searching for a photographer for a special event, do yourself a favor and hire Gretchen!"

Grand Lake, Colorado

"Amazing!!! Gretchen was more than we could've asked for. She knew exactly the image of what we wanted, had such a mellow and calming demeanor we really appreciated on a more than normal stressful day, and her pictures are amazing!!"

Elizabeth, Colorado

"Gretchen is FANTASTIC. She has such an eye for the perfect photo and her mastery of lighting is breathtaking. And it's not just that she's INCREDIBLY talented in her trade, but she is so personable and easy to work with. It felt like we had a friend with us on our wedding day (and engagement shoot!). We will 100% use her for future portraits and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for STUNNING photos. She is a MASTER at her craft."

Breckenridge, Colorado

"Gretchen was incredible! She went out of her way to scout for the perfect location to take our pictures and the locations she found were breathtaking. Great communication prior to our engagement session, awesome direction during the pictures, and super fun to work with. We can't wait to see her again for our wedding!"

Golden, Colorado

"Gretchen did an amazing job at our wedding! She is not just the ultimate professional regarding wedding photography or any other type of photography but she truly is a talented artist with the camera. Her images capture great moments. They express so much with her wonderful and creative use of composition, light, contrasts, colors, focus and the many other techniques that she and the truly great photographers use."

Denver, Colorado

"Gretchen, we cannot express how happy we were with you and how much we appreciate your photography skills and your easy-going personality. You totally ROCKED! You were such a pleasure to work with and made everyone feel at ease and natural. You capture moments we didn’t know existed and appreciate that so much. I would highly recommend you to capture those special moments for anyone looking for a wedding photographer."

Woodland Park, Colorado

"Gretchen was amazing. She was a lighting expert and made sure to get everything perfect for stunning photos. We're looking forward to our wedding day with her!"

Golden, Colorado

"Gretchen was amazing. She was calm and organized and helped us get the pictures we wanted despite the chaos going on during our wedding. She went above and beyond in offering her help after our coordinator left, which helped with our stress levels so we could enjoy our day."

Fort Collins, Colorado

"We had a great time with Gretchen! She made us feel so comfortable being photographed and had some great ideas for poses."

Boulder, CO

"Gretchen was a pleasure to work with! She fit seamlessly into the day and got so many amazing candid shots that would have been impossible to get otherwise.. She seemed to just intuitively understand our vibe and what we were looking for. It's been 7 years since our wedding and I am still in love with our photos. Thank you so much for taking a chance and making our wedding your first."

Grand Junction, Colorado

"Gretchen was fantastic to work with! She was very detailed oriented and made sure she got the best shot! A pleasure to work with!"

Denver, Colorado

"Gretchen was fantastic to work with! She was very detailed oriented and made sure she go the best shot! A pleasure to work with!"

Fraser, Colorado

"Gretchen was professional and extremely fun"

Denver, Colorado