Boulder Creek Wedgewood Wedding Photos

The star of this wedding was not the bride, and she was more than okay with that! It was her 2 month old daughter Lumen, and yes that is the best name ever. This beautiful little cherub of a baby was the focus of the bride all day, as all 2 month olds must be. The wedding was at Wedgewood Boulder in Boulder Canyon, the same place I had photographed Tyler and Roddy’s wedding the week before. I love working with this venue. The catering through Wedgewood is fantastic and the staff are exceptional, highly recommend them.

The day started at A-Hotel at the bottom of Four Mile Road up Canyon in Boulder for the “Getting Ready” part of the wedding day. Bree, the bride asked me to get some photos of her nursing Lumen, they came out beautifully (not sharing those). Bree had some really fun bridesmaids that were already partying when I got there. We did a photograph of them in boots and flannel to reflect their true personalities before they got all dressed up for the day. When we arrived at the venue I was greeted by the grandfather in full kilt, then the bride’s father with full kilt and a white mohawk as well.

The final prep for the wedding involved getting baby Lumen into her headdress, which she got fussy about so Bree, who has a gorgeous singing voice, sang to her baby and calmed her right down. Once everyone was dressed up in their autumn inspired outfits and was strapped into their combat boots we headed down to a short ceremony by the river. After the ceremony we stayed by the river to get some couple photographs until we were quickly ushered away from the river for “bear protocol”. Apparently a bear and her two babies were moving down Boulder Creek. I was moving my equipment when I realized I didn’t need to leave, I had to photograph it! I stayed on the edge of the river and watched as a momma bear and her two teenagers ambled down the river after climbing and shaking some trees along the way. I got a few photos of the family from the other side of the creek, the bears wanted nothing to do with me and she peacefully passed down the canyon.

The after party was packed with heartfelt toasts, whiskey, lot’s of ooo-ing and awww-ing over Lumen and a lively dance party. The happy couple exited to a paper airplane release as they left their wedding with a family already begun.