Baldoria on the Water Ashkenazi Jewish Wedding

Mathew and Marie were married in a beautiful little oasis in Denver, Baldoria on the Water. The energy at this wedding was electric from the moment I walked in. The bride was getting dressed with the marvelous group of women that were her bridesmaids in a room full of mirrors and windows that made photographing the “Getting Ready” photos fun. The bride had a special box made for the ring bearer, Hunter, that said “Ring Security, Special Agent Hunter”. The box had a lanyard, fake earpiece and dark sunglasses as well as a place to store the rings in the box. He took his job very seriously throughout the day!

The “first looks” by the husband and the father of the bride were some of the most touching moments of my 2019 wedding season. To be fair, Marie’s dress was one of my all-time favorites and she looked absolutely stunning in it, so their reactions were understandable, and beautiful.

The heart and soul of this wedding was tradition. The couple are Jewish and they honored their rich traditions throughout the day. The Ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract and the intricacies of its implementation by four rabbis were at the start of festivities. After loved ones declared that they backed their marriage and the mothers broke a plate, the bride was veiled by her husband and the ceremony could begin.

The ceremony and reception were packed with friends and family, and lots of kids that entertained me as we waited for the bride to come to the altar. The ceremony was rich with customs, love and laughter. Marie circled Mathew 7 times when she arrived to take the sacred vows under the chuppah. Friends and family came forward to the chuppah with love for the seven blessings. After the rings were given Mathew broke the glass under his shoe and lifted Marie’s veil for the kiss. They were then secluded away in the getting ready room for 10-20 minutes to be alone after the ceremony, something I think that everyone should do after their wedding ceremony!

Afterwards we stepped outside to photograph, every possible combination of friends and family under the chubbah and a clear, hot August blue sky.

Once the couple was introduced to the world for the first time, the first dance began with Marie’s dress flowing elegantly around the ballroom. The party afterwards was lively and involved lots of singing and of course the Hora, or chair-dance that looked more like a rollercoaster ride than a dance!

I was so happy to be a part of this wedding and provide SO many photographs to the couple. This was one of my most prolific shoots. There was so much wonderful tradition, love and ceremony to take photographs of, that I came home with over 2,400 photographs! Here are my 116 favorites.