Denver Botanical Gardens Wedding

Leslie and Amanda got married at Denver Botanical Gardens in June of 2023. This is the perfect time of year to be intoxicated with the scents of abounding flowers in full bloom. The brides chose their dresses to fit perfectly fit with the colors of the blooming flowers and plentiful green.

The day started with a stroll around the grounds before their ceremony, visiting beautiful areas where we captured photos of the couple. When their guests showed up the party got started at the Annuals Garden & Pavilion where they had a bar, delicious appetizers and the chairs ready under the pavilion for everyone to witness their vows. The ceremony featured their friends joining them at the altar to read poems, as one of their best friends officiated.

After the ceremony we wandered around the gardens again, and then everyone sat down for a delicious dinner under the pavilion as the sun set and the smell of a million flowers filled the air. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever smelled and down right intoxicating. After dinner, the entire party headed over to the indoor space of Marnie’s Pavilion as the brides changed into their 20s inspired reception dresses. I highly recommend getting married here at this time of year. It’s very busy as it is still open to the public, but worth it to be in the gardens at night.