Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding Photos

My husband and I met on my first trip with CHAOS (Colorado Hiking And Outdoor Society) to Conundrum Hot Springs. CHAOS was a big part of our lives for about 5 years. In that group of people was a lovely woman from Germany named Birgit. Fast forward about 15 years and a friend and colleague from CHAOS called to tell me that she couldn’t photograph Birgit’s wedding and asked if I could. Then she asked me if I had heard what happened to her, and I said no. Here is an article about what happened to her.

Birgit and Dave (her then fiance) were at Valley View Hot Springs hanging in a hammock when the tree that the hammock was attached to came out of the earth and fell forward, directly onto Birgit’s face. It broke all of the bones in her face and almost killed her. She was flown to Pueblo and although the doctors initially thought that her brain injury was too severe for her to ever recover fully, she did. Not only did she recover, well… I will let Birgit explain it with her typical positivity,

“I look awesome. I just look like the way I looked before,” said a smiling Mueller. “I actually got a face lift in the surgery,” she laughed.

And she does look awesome! I have the pictures to prove it.

My assistant and I met Birgit and Dave at Chautauqua for their couple photographs before the ceremony. We took photos there and up on Flagstaff to start off the day. Their ceremony was at Sunrise Ampitheatre on a cliff above Boulder. It was a beautiful day in Boulder! The ceremony was full of friends and family emotional with joy for this point in time to have come to fruition. There were generations of family there and friends from CHAOS as well. The reception was held at Dave’s favorite Italian restaurant Delvickios Broomfield.