Boulder Creek Wedding Photos

Kelsie and Tanner got their engagement photos done in June of 2019 and we were all looking forward to the wedding shortly after that in April of 2020… well that didn’t happen! But the delay did make their wedding day even more anticipated. I have photographed very few couples that were as filled with excitement for their big day as they were.

We had a lovely “Getting Ready” time at The Embassy Suites in Boulder with the ladies getting the party going before the First Look in downtown Boulder. Kelsie had on my favorite wedding dress of 2021. It was a super fun, playful, yet elegant dress that fit her perfectly. After playing around in the lobby for a while, we all headed to downtown Boulder and my favorite ‘First Look’ ever. We did it on a bridge right near the Boulder Public Library with the entire wedding party in attendance. Once Tanner was set up on the bridge awaiting his bride, I asked the wedding party to let everybody through on the bridge until Kelsie was there. When I came back with Kelsie there was a large crowd on both ends of the bridge. I told everybody to come through and nobody wanted to. They were all waiting to share the moment with them. When Tanner turned around in tears, most of downtown Boulder cheered for them. It made me seriously love my town.

Then for about an hour, on a day with very smoke-filled skies (from the Dixie Fire in California), we wandered around downtown Boulder and had fun with the structures and sculptures in the area. Afterwards the whole crew headed up to Wedgewood Boulder on Canyon Boulevard to begin the festivities with everyone else.

Their ceremony was the most joyous and beautiful part of the day. The sheer joy that both of them were experiencing at finally being at the altar to marry the loves of their lives was clearly on display. After the lovely ceremony, held while the sun went down behind the altar, they did a Grand Entrance with some sparkler boxes and then everybody got down to enjoying the amazing food that Wedgewood weddings always delivers.