Cherokee Ranch and Castle & Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photos

There were two venues for this epic Indian wedding, which occurred over two days. The Sangeet started at Cherokee Ranch & Castle on a Friday night. Cherokee Ranch & Castle is easily one of the best venues in Colorado. This previous estate and ranch lastly owned by the legendary “Tweet” Kimball¬†perches on the top of a hill with a direct vista to the mountains. The views are astounding, but the main venue is a stone castle with lovingly preserved history and character at every turn.

Shiv and Sid stepped into their union with a raucous party. The wedding took place right when the vaccinations for COVID started being commonplace and people were excited to get back to the dance floor and let loose. After we created the couple photos in extreme wind, everybody got their dinner, henna and bracelets, before the night’s entertainment began. There were performances by the bridal party and the groomsmen, followed by the couple doing a Bollywood inspired dance, then some of the younger generation stepped up to give amazing performances, singing and dancing. The end of the Sangeet was a WILD party. Everybody was primed for the real celebration and party to begin the next day.

The wedding was held at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Parker, south of Denver and nestled in the mountains. There were over 300 guests and this venue can handle that and more. Shiv and her bridesmaids took great care in getting ready, with all of their gorgeous colors, jewelry and the many pieces of tradition that are woven into an Indian bride’s attire. Once the groom, Sid had mounted the horse on which he would greet the bride’s family, everyone began their celebratory entrance dancing, yelling, singing and grooving along to the music being blasted out of a white Mercedes leading the way.

It was a frigid day against the mountains, May in Colorado still holds the chill of snow in it’s mountain wind and for the second day there was a lot of it. The ceremony was ethereal, with the family all gathered in a circle around the priest who was jovial and explained the traditions as he performed them for the shivering crowd. Once everyone had warmed back up from the outdoor wedding with cocktails, the grand ballroom was set for a lavish dinner. The rest of the night opened up into another larger and more raucous party ending with a sparkler box exit in freezing rain.