Della Terra & Estes Park Resort Wedding Photos

Alyssa & Anival got married at Estes Park Resort, but had the getting ready and reception portions of their wedding day at Della Terra Mountain Chateau, all in Estes Park, Colorado. It was an action-packed day with time in the Salon at Della Terra getting ready being followed by Alyssa getting into her expansive 30lb. dress upstairs at Della Terra in her room. Once she was fully dressed and ready to go, some family members gave her beautiful additions to her wedding day outfit, all with special meanings and this self-described princess went into the hallway to have a quick First Touch with Anival before we all headed to Estes Park Resort.

Estes Park Resort was already full with excited guests when we arrived and once Anival’s parents started helping him down the aisle the emotions took over everyone, but especially Anival, who had about 2 hours of sleep the night before because he had to run back to Aurora in Denver in the middle of the night to get the marriage license they had forgotten. Anival is used to high pressure though, he is an ex-member of the military. In honor of his service I gave them a military discount (ask about this if someone in your couple is serving or has served in the US military) when they booked their wedding package.

The officiant, DJ Smith was exceptional. He is a bilingual pastor and presented the ceremony in both English and Spanish beautifully, with efficiency, spirt and presence. Highly recommend him. During the ceremony Anival’s father and Alyssa’s grandfather came to the altar for a meaningful placement of the soil over the roots of the tree that Alyssa & Anival planted. Alyssa’s best friend “since the womb”, Gabriel was in full tears at the end of the ceremony at how beautiful Alyssa looked and how happy he was for both of them.

After signing the marriage license we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park while the guests made their way to Della Terra for cocktail hour. Getting Alyssa’s dress into my car was a 4 person job, once she was in it took up her seat and the center as well, she just peaked out above some chiffon… and there is still glitter in my car from it. As we entered the park it was overcast, but still a lovely day. As soon as we pulled into the parking spot for the first photography location it began to hail… hard. Nobody was getting out in that, so we sadly started to head back to Della Terra. Luckily about half way back there was a break in the clouds (got to love mountain weather) and we extracted Alyssa from the car for a few quick bridal and couple shots by the mountains before heading back to the reception.

The reception was beautiful, with lot’s of great toasts and an amazing dinner by Jubilations Catering. I always love working at Della Terra, the staff is amazing and you can’t beat the location.