Fraser Colorado Wedding Photos

Ben and Maggie got married on her grandfather’s property in Fraser Colorado on September 6, 2020. The Cameron Peak fire (the worst fire in Colorado history) was only about 20 miles away and having one of it’s worst days. However, all of the smoke was going east to the plains that day and the skies in Fraser were clear and everybody was ready to celebrate love!

The wedding took place at two private properties in the hills of Fraser, Colorado. Both properties had lovely views and lot’s of fun Colorado-themed places to play in. I loved these two from the moment I met them. Just the fact that they played nothing but funk, soul & hip-hop brought them onto my “favorite weddings” list. Both Ben and Maggie were super happy, and relaxed, just the way we all should be on our wedding day!

Ben’s close friends from college were all there for the wedding, and we started with a ‘First Look’ at the uncle’s house where they had been getting ready. This delightful property offered aged barns, views of the mountains, a tiny aspen grove and lot’s of weathered wood throughout the property. Once Ben had seen how stunning Maggie looked in her dress, we took fun couple photographs around the property and then headed back to her grandpa’s house for the ceremony.

The ceremony included a hand-fasting straight from Ireland and Scotland where the two families originated. Their tartan colors were joined by the two fathers who also officiated the ceremony… when they weren’t crying. It turned out to be an idyllic spot for a ceremony on the back deck, sitting at the base of the mountains.

The reception was one of my favorites ever. Once the music started the party was on! The DJ (Paul Cohen) was also friends with the couple and he laid down exactly what they were looking for. There was no cookie-cutter wedding music played at this party. Everybody in attendance got their dance on outside with the space-heaters and whiskey chasing away the night’s cold mountain air.