Point Park, Grand Lake Wedding Photos

Emily and Darrell got their portraits taken a couple of months before at Rocky Mountain National Park and had their wedding at Point Park in Grand Lake. They started off the day at a gigantic VRBO rental property just on the edge of town in Grand Lake that is apparently owned by the mayor of Grand Lake. I was there for about an hour when I overheard somebody say that the groom’s grandfather needed to be taken to the doctor. His wife disappeared and about an hour later I found out that he had to be taken on the Flight for Life helicopter from Grand Lake to Denver after a massive heart attack. He got quadruple bypass surgery in Denver and is doing very well, but as you can imagine it was very upsetting for everybody there.

After that drama and knowing that grandpa would be okay, everybody slowly got their smiles back on and got ready for the ceremony down at Point Park in Grand Lake. The park can be rented for wedding ceremonies and doesn’t provide any services, but there are few places more stunning than it to get married at. We had a freak snow storm just a few days before and the mountains around the area still had snow on them, which was a real treat for a September wedding.

After the ceremony we headed back to Rocky Mountain National Park and I captured some epic shots of the bride and groom celebrating the beginning of their love. The couple and the guests landed at the VRBO and had a pajama and pizza party at the house with their friends and family.