The Greenbriar Inn Wedding

Working with Hannah & Trey brought me so much joy! They are the sweetest couple, Hannah is from here but met Trey in Washington where they both went to college. When she called me about their wedding at The Greenbriar Inn I was immediately on board. It was a small wedding with just the family and a few friends celebrating with them here in Colorado.

We started out with Hannah getting ready in The Cabin which is beyond charming, with its funky flower wall paper and perfect kitchen. Hannah’s dress was designed and created by her mother and a friend, which I haven’t seen before, but my Mom’s Mom created her wedding dress, so it really resonated with me. It was a beautiful simple design harkening back to a late 50s Audrey Hepburn style, which complimented her classic beauty perfectly. I got some fun photos of the dress with Hannah inside the cabin. She had a first look with her Dad and then headed out to Greenbriar Falls (where their ceremony was to be held) to have a First Look with Trey. After lot’s of kissing and hugging we took a few photos on the property and then headed out to find some pretty places to get couple wedding photos.

The couple did a sweet rose exchange during a ceremony that was officiated by a pastor who is also a family friend. During their couple photos there was a storm that was passing over us, but the clouds were gone and we were left with the heat of the direct sun during the ceremony. It was so overwhelming that Hannah had to sit down during the ceremony to avoid passing out. She and Trey sat with her family for a bit while the officiant continued and then they stood back up for their kiss.

While the couple was having dinner in the Sunroom there was a double rainbow over US36, so I ran in to get them and they came out for a quick snap with the rainbow. After dinner the parents gave some beautiful toasts to the newlyweds and the dances began. Trey’s Mom was overcome with emotion during hers. Afterwards they played some games and we walked around the property to get some final photos of them before the end of day. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be around this much goodness!