Boulder Creek Wedding Photos

Tyler and Roddy are madly in love! The kind of love that causes wind and water to shift, the kind of love that makes you jump into the Boulder Creek in a hoop wedding dress and marry in a downpour of rain. This couple had such a beautiful story about how important the outdoors was to them. The groom reads poetry to the bride at the edge of the water and they read books together there. They were romantic, sweet and extremely happy on their wedding day and an absolute delight to be around.

The wedding took place at Wedgewood Weddings Boulder Creek venue, just up Canyon heading into the mountains outside of Boulder. It is a delightful venue with Boulder Creek running right past the ceremony site. The bride had 3 generations of women working with her before the ceremony to help piece together the elements of her wedding attire. One of my favorite photographs from this wedding happened when the bride saw her flowers for the first time and was giddy with joy at how well they turned out.

After the bride was in her dress, the weather forecast was that there would be rain for the next 1/2 hour or so. When the wedding planner asked if they would like to delay the ceremony until after the rain stopped Roddy said, “No way! I’ve waited long enough, we are getting married in the rain!” And they sure did! It came down hard during the ceremony and with umbrellas out it was easy to hide all of the tears of joy as this couple said their vows. They included a hand fasting ceremony and box full of trinkets representing their love.

The most memorable part of the day for me was when I asked the newlywed bride, “How close do you want to get to the river for the photos?”. She hiked up her dress and went straight into Boulder Creek! Her new husband struggled a bit more to get into the river with dress shoes, socks and pants, but with some coaxing she got him with her on a rock in the middle of the river for some photographs. I of course had to go into the river then as well and I spent the rest of the day in soaking wet socks and shoes in solidarity with the groom.

A fun dance party and lot’s of spinning on the dance floor by the bride with her gorgeous dress ensued before friends and family put this wedding into the history books. Glad to have been there to record it.