Red Rocks Amphitheater Engagement Photos

Red Rocks Ampitheatre! In the United States and perhaps the world there is no more iconic music venue than Red Rocks, and it is worthy of it’s fame. I attend concerts every year at Red Rocks and have been going to shows there since 1993.

When this couple hired me to do their engagement photos at Red Rocks I was overjoyed. They booked the session for first thing in the morning and it was packed with people in yoga pants running up and down the stairs, doing push-ups, etc. We worked around these zealous morning folk and got photos in the Ampitheatre, as well as in the hiking trails around the venue. Kyle and Jennifer are getting married in Chicago next year and had already hired their wedding photographer from Chicago, but I’m glad we got the chance to do this photo shoot in one of their most beloved haunts right here in Colorado.