Lake City Engagement Photos

I met Nicole & Patrick at the Estes Park Wedding Show in 2023 at Black Canyon Inn where the couple is marrying this September. They live in Alamosa Colorado and I decided to visit their area during the summer before their wedding to do their engagement photographs.

Patrick grew up dispersed camping with his friends in the area around Lake City, Colorado, which was one of the places I suggested. Thankfully he also knew about a waterfall near by. I love waterfalls! I’m a nut for them, I’ve stuck my head in thousands throughout the world and photographed them extensively for my landscape photography. There is also an historic town near there, Capitol City with well-kept historic buildings and lot’s of aspens.

We poked around Capitol City and got some fun photos using the buildings and then headed up to the waterfall. The road was pretty rough and the hike down to the waterfall involved 100 feet of scree. Nicole amazingly made it down there with a full dress on! Once we were down the hill the waterfall was absolutely raging with water shooting straight out between two black rocks. The water was VERY cold and the couple braved a brief trip into the water for a long exposure photograph (that is my favorite) and then played they around on the rock for a bit.

After we headed back up the hill, we were planning on getting more photos in the aspen forest along the road, but when we pulled over to get them we heard… psssssssst. Nicole’s tire got a serious puncture. Some great people in ‘side-by-sides’ stopped and tried to patch the tire, but it was too far gone. Patrick got out the spare tire and got it on the car and they gingerly headed back to Alamosa. My husband and I stayed on the mountain for 2 nights and had an amazing Jeep trip as well as a great time camping there.