The Landing at Estes Park Wedding Photos

Jordan and Morgan are such amazing people! I photographed¬†their engagement session at Roxborough State Park in November of 2020 and like all engaged couples should be, they were madly in love and wonderful people to work with. They introduced me to The Landing at Estes Park and I was blown away by this wonderful venue, and that I hadn’t shot here before! I love photographing in Estes Park and this is a venue to check out. It is just minutes from the main Rocky Mountain National Park entrance and sat at a wonderful location right next to the Big Thompson River.

For me the most poignant part of the day was when the couple did a First Touch, and read letters to each other that they had written. The emotion and love was palpable between them and everyone (including me) was drying their eyes. The couple had their wedding ceremony down by the river under a lovely arch made from aspen and their flower arrangements. The toasts were also memorable. The groom’s dad couldn’t look at them because it made him cry, so he gave most of his toast, still crying and not looking at them.

Their reception was a relentless dance party with a bunch of the younger men at the wedding surrounding Morgan’s grandmother and dirty dancing with her… she laughed a lot about this. Good times were had by all inside and on the balcony with views of the river and the mountains all in one beautiful place.