The Lyons Farmette Wedding

Jennie & Luke got married on July 1st, 2023 at The Lyons Farmette. I have a long history of working at The Farmette photographing weddings, but hadn’t worked there for a while. It’s a beautiful “farm to table” kind of venue with a working farm, both animal and flower. The kids love the animals and are entertained with feeding the goats, alpacas and chickens handfuls of grass. This wedding featured some of the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen at a wedding by Plume & Furrow. The florist is based on the farm and uses flowers grown right onsite. This couple had an idea for their wedding which I LOVED. As they entered, every guest was given a stemmed carnation to place in a circle around where the bride and groom stood with a wish/prayer for their marriage. The real prize went to the flowers behind the couple as they wed though… it was even more stunning in person.

Despite a big rain storm that lasted for a bit, the couple were wed in front of family friends and the bride’s son. He actually had a blast in the rain standing right under the gutters. I picked this wedding up last minute to help out a fellow photographer who had a medical issue and felt privileged to be there to take photos of their beautiful day.