Masonville Wedding Photos

Weddings at private homes were a big part of 2020. This wedding in Masonville, Colorado, a small town at the foothills of the Rockies, west of Fort Collins, was held at the beautiful home of the mother of the bride and her husband. Jordan and Gordon were a very laid back couple and having their wedding at a family home fit their style well.

The wedding started out with a mishap when the girlfriend of the best man fell off of a step where the ladies were getting ready and sprained her ankle. The good news was that the bride’s brother is an orthopedic surgeon, so she got immediate competent care. After some ice, liquor and finding a make-shift crutch she was back to smiling and moving around. Jordan, her Mom and friends got ready together so that she was ready for a series of First Looks. First her brother got to see her, then her father and then her groom, Gordon.

To get photographs of the couple we wandered around the property with their bridesmaid and best man. The ceremony took place at the front door of the house and the guests gathered on the lawn. Afterwards the couple asked that I get photos of all the guests, so I set-up an impromptu studio next to the pool and got all the guests some professional photos of them dressed up and looking amazing. The kids jumped on the trampoline, tacos were served, toasts were given, tears were shed and the dancing began!