Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Engagement Photos

Stacey and Nick flew all the way from Westchester New York, where they both work as State Troopers to join me in the mountains on a very cold day in March. Stacey got this absolutely amazing sparkly blue dress that popped against the snow and she looked like a million dollars in it. She showed me a photo of the dress about 2 weeks before the shoot and my assistant and I started planning how we would keep her from freezing to death. It is SUPER cold in the mountains in March and that dress has an open back! Luckily I have a ridiculously heavy full-length coat that I shared with her.

The trick to working in Rocky Mountain National Park is to remember it is the mountains! The REAL mountains. While the snow blowing off the mountains in the background makes for once in a lifetime photographs, you can feel that snow… and when the wind blows, you might as well be naked!

Stacey was an absolute trooper (yes we enjoyed the puns all day) and she clomped around in her hefty hiking books, which never showed up in the photos. To be honest, if she had heels on and a bear skin dress it would have been worse. Footwear is everything in the mountains and with a fresh snow blowing around it was one of the prettiest days I’ve ever seen in Estes Park.