Rocky Mountain National Park Anniversary Photos

Sophia and Jimmy live outside of St. Louis Missouri and got married almost exactly a year before our photo session in Rocky Mountain National Park. They got married at a courthouse and have only one photo of them from the day. When Sophia contacted me I was so excited to get them some real “wedding” photographs that were worthy of what a great couple they are.

Although they were having a vacation in Evergreen they were excited to drive over and tour the stunning landscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park with me. Once I discovered that Jimmy was a working blues guitarist and singer in St. Louis (with Jimmy & the Chets) it was on. We basically spent the rest of the trip commiserating about being a working musician in this day and age. We visited quite a few different areas and finished off the day just as the last light dissolved behind the mountains.

I did a quick turnaround on these photos to make sure that they had them as an anniversary present. Happy first anniversary you two!