Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Photos

Tatiana & Mel had originally planned a full wedding with about 30 guests at Rocky Mountain National Park’s Moraine Amphitheater. As the time got closer to their wedding day, only a few of their family members were able to make it to Colorado from where they live in Southern Texas. After some discussion with Tatiana we changed their now elopement venue to 3M Curve (which is a much smaller place for a two person elopement) and planned a full photo safari afterwards so that the couple would get married and then get a great tour of the park while getting photos to boot.

We started off the day with their adorable baby and family members gathered around waiting for Tatiana’s Mom Ana to make a home cooked meal at the Air BnB they rented. This was brilliant because most of the time with sunset photo shoots it is very hard to plan when to eat dinner and we end up trying to find an open restaurant at 9pm. The dinner was amazing and I got to know a little bit about the family before we headed to the park for their elopement.

Their intimate ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes and got a crowd of people on the rock behind them who cheered them on and celebrated with them once they had exchanged vows. We got a few more photos there and then headed out on our tour. We went to meadows with mountain backdrops, waterfalls, up adventurous dirt roads, where we saw a very large baby moose suckling on his mother and then ended up on the top of the mountain for sunset. It was an amazing day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather for a mountain top adventure.