Buckley Air Force Base & Roxborough State Park Wedding Photos

Kiara & Ryan have a love story that spans continents. Ryan is a Navy officer, currently based here in Denver, Colorado and Kiara is a Spanish and Japanese speaking student formally from Tokyo. I had only talked with Ryan before the wedding and was surprised when I arrived at their apartment to take photographs of Kiara getting ready, that nobody spoke English. Luckily I speak some Spanish, and had a passable conversation with her Dad about how much I love Japanese food. Kiara’s parents were in the US for the first time, and had just flown in from Tokyo.

After leaving the apartment we all headed into Buckley Air Force Base for the wedding ceremony in their beautifully lit chapel. As with most of my 2020 weddings, there weren’t many people in attendance, and there were multiple Zoom calls going on during the ceremony, especially with so many relatives all over the world.

We got some family photos outside the chapel, and then we all got into a stretch limousine and headed an hour south to Roxborough State Park. Kiara had just visited Roxborough a few days before the wedding, and fell in love with it. She wanted their wedding photographs taken there and since it took 3 hours round trip to fit it into the day, the entire wedding came along. We pulled into Roxborough over an hour behind schedule and losing the sun quickly. Moving to the closest points in the park where you can see the rock formations we captured some stunning wedding photographs in under an hour.

After the long limousine drive back, we arrived at the very upscale, Shanahan’s Restaurant in the Denver Tech Center to have the reception in a private room.