YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch Granby Wedding Photos

Winter isn’t normally for weddings, but this is Colorado and we do winter really well… especially in the mountains! This wedding was in January, high in the mountains of Granby, just outside of Winter Park. Alex and Andi wanted to do a first look outside, so we went outside into a snowstorm that was reading 0°F and got some classic winter moments of the bride and groom seeing each other in their finest for the first time. Alex & Andi are huge Avs (Colorado Avalanche, hockey team) fans and both play hockey so the theme was the “Av”s colors and they didn’t mind the cold.

Snow Mountain Ranch is a YMCA property nestled in the mountains just past Winter Park and is truly a unique place to have a wedding. The expansive property offers a combination of history and year round outdoor activities right out the front door. Considering how cold it was up there (had gotten to -15°F the night before) there was nothing but warmth to be had at the joyous ceremony, full of laughter, love and a packed dance floor after dinner.

If you are considering a winter wedding, do it! There is nothing prettier than snow falling around a white dress for your wedding day, especially in the mountains.