Tapestry House by Wedgewood Wedding Photos

Buck and Whitney were my first wedding after the COVID lockdown. I had on my mask and was excited to get back to shooting weddings, especially at the lovely¬†The Tapestry House just outside of Ft. Collins. For starters, Buck Nightwalker is possibly the best male name I’ve ever heard, and Whitney was pretty excited to adopt Nightwalker as her own for many more reasons than just the name itself. This handsome couple went with a classic feel that fit the Victorian house’s style. Whitney’s looks, dress and styling reminded me of Grace Kelly’s classic beauty. The dress was absolutely stunning on her… and it had pockets!

The couple got married in the gazebo outside and took a moment to take communion together before they finalized their vows. Everybody was just excited to get out and interact with other people at this point, and the family and friend’s love for Buck and Whitney was strong and inspiring be around. They ended the night with some sparkler machines and a final dance to send the couple off into a great life together.