Vail Wedding Photos

Anastasia and Marc got married in Vail. Their reception was at Vail Lodge, but their ceremony was on top of the mountain at the Holy Cross Event Deck. They live in Colorado Springs and had a gigantic family in attendance. Lot’s and lot’s of adorable nieces and nephews were being carried, or running around the mountain top before the ceremony. Marc & Anastasia booked my Video inclusive Cottonwood Package and had us starting our day just before the ceremony. Unfortunately the DJ they hired (I only know him as Tim) was a hot mess.

The DJ forgot a connector and at 15 minutes before the ceremony he left the mountain top to get another, returning at what should have been the end of the ceremony, and then proceeded to play the wrong music for all of the processionals. Anastasia kindly and patiently waited to hear the song that she wanted as her and her grandfather walked down the aisle. I think he started playing it? And finally after a beautiful walk down the aisle with Anastasia’s Disney Studios’ Rapunzel wedding gown flowing elegantly in the mountain wind, the ceremony began.

Father Michael did a great job officiating the ceremony invoking the beauty of the land around us, the sacredness of the day and also moving Anastasia to the upwind side to keep her from pulling her dress off of her face throughout the ceremony. The ceremony was wrapped up with only 35 minutes remaining to capture the wedding party and couple photos. We took the wedding party photos and then quickly pivoted to the couple photos and video. While Chris (videographer) got Anastasia’s gown flying in the wind for the video I snapped a few photos and then moved them to the sitting area to get a photo of them in the clouds… when it started to rain. Anastasia’s wanted to get down the mountain immediately, as mountain storms are not a joke and they were some fat raindrops. So thanks to the DJ, we had 4 minutes to get couple photos on top of the mountain. Luckily the couple waited for me at the bottom of the gondola and we got some great shots of the couple by a stone bridge nearby, which complimented the fairytale feel of the wedding.

After that it was back to Vail Lodge where after first dances and dinner we discovered that one of the groomsmen was an amazing acrobat/dancer (actually a martial artist) and that the rest of the crew might as well have been professional dancers! After some of the biggest family photos I have ever taken, we took a few more couple photos on the staircase near the entrance of Vail Lodge and then ended the night with a sparkler exit.

To see the highlight reel video that was delivered in the “Cottonwood with Video” package, click here.