Tapestry House Ft. Collins Wedding Photos

Terryn & Kandis are a Ft. Collins couple that have known each other since grade school. The only person that Terryn has hung out with longer is Danny, Terryn’s best man, they met about a year before he met his bride to be. Both Terryn and Danny are tattoo artists. I took Terryn & Kandis’s engagement photos at a park up the mountain from Loveland with their dog earlier in the year. We had a blast taking photographs in and out of the Big Thompson River and avoiding their dogs spray when she exited.

This was my first time shooting a wedding at Wedgewood Tapestry House and I hope to shoot many more there! It is a beautiful space that lent itself to their Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Their wedding had a vibrantly different mood from daytime to nighttime and the venue suited both well.

During the day this impeccably restored Victorian, in LaPorte just north of Ft. Collins, provided a romantic setting for a day of joy, laughter, tears, gorgeous light and lot’s and lot’s of love… oh and some TMI when I insisted on taking a photo of all the groomsmen’s tattoos, there was one we should have left out of the pictures. I didn’t put that pic up. Terryn’s extremely broken version of the bridesmaids lifting him makes me laugh every time I look at it. The day was a real life, fun, edgy fairytale.

At night the dance floor got cooking with the family and friends. There was also a nice party going on around the fire pit outside. It was October and the fire was welcoming. I got a photograph of the couple using smoke and some colored lights, capturing some of the passion of their wedding night. Definitely one of my favorite all-time wedding shoots, here are the pics…