Wild Basin Lodge Winter Wedding Photos

Some families have the most beautiful loving chaos! When I entered the getting ready room for the bride, early in the day there were more women packed into that room than I have ever seen. Four generations of family, nieces, cousins, friends, it was absolutely wonderful. This is the kind of wedding that I approach as jumping into a rapidly flowing river and smiling all the way through the ride. Jeremy and Victoria are a couple deeply in love, their love of nature brought them to a November wedding in the mountains with an outdoor ceremony.

This is my second time shooting a wedding at Wild Basin Lodge and even without all of the leaves it is a stunning venue tucked away in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park. Weddings at Wild Basin offer the real mountain experience. The first wedding I shot there was in April 2013 and it snowed through the entire outdoor ceremony. This one, in November was so windy that one of my lights took a dive with sand bags on it.

The couple had a unique feature to their wedding, after the traditional dances, they had a silent disco party. It was especially fun with 3 different channels that guests could listen to through their headphones. Most people would be listening to the red channel, and then people with the blue channel showing on their headphones would start dancing and yelling (I didn’t have headphones on so this was very entertaining for me) and everybody would switch over to blue. It was a beautiful, loving wedding that I was honored and inspired to photograph.