August 13, 2020

Photo Delivery


What do I get? What can I do with the photos? This is probably my most asked question so I hope some details will help you with this.

You will receive a digital portfolio of your photographs. Here is an example from a wedding I shot in 2018 in Marin, California. From this portfolio you can download all or some of the photos. This link doesn’t expire. You will always have access to your photos and can contact me if you lose the link.

You will also receive a lovely package about two weeks after the digital delivery with your photographs on a USB Flash drive. This is a nice way to store them and keep them safe somewhere outside of the internet. The delivered photos are uncompressed JPEGs sized at 3000 pixels on the long edge at a resolution of 300dpi for both online and USB drive delivery.

Feel free to print your photos and use them however you would like. That being said, I work with an amazing printer with great professional discounts and have a calibrated screen. This all makes a big difference to the quality of print you will receive in return. Please look at my pricing for prints, wedding books and wall art.