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Make the Beauty of Your Wedding Day Into Permanent Art

In this digital world, photographs flash by us in an instant and they are gone. Your wedding day deserves more than that. My prints, wall art and books are created in the highest quality available on the market.

I have spent many years working as a landscape photographer honing my printing skills, as well as developing relationships with printers who I believe are the best in the industry.

When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you are also tapping into my many years as a professional graphic designer. As a master and teacher of Adobe Photoshop, I individually design every exquisite, hand-crafted wedding book that comes out of my studio.



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Wedding Books

Exceptional Hand Crafted Wedding Books for Life

A custom made wedding book reflecting your love for one another is a true treasure. I recommend getting a wedding book more than anything else that I offer. In the beginning of my career I was not sold on them, they are expensive and often the quality of the books did not reflect that expense.

Once I found my book printer that all changed. These books can be bound in leather, cork, wood, linen, silk, suede and many more choices. You will definitely find something that reflects you and your wedding. With so many options the book will be as unique as you.

The process takes a few weeks and since I design all of my books in Photoshop the layout and content are completely customizable. Contact me about getting a wedding book, and we will make a book that is worthy of this important event.

Pricing varies greatly, estimate between $500-$5000 depending on pages, features and materials.


Wall Art

Memories That Become Part of Your Home

The value of having a beautiful moment on your wall cannot be overstated. As a landscape photographer almost all of my business is done in wall art and my aluminum printer is the best in the business.

Unlike most printers mine actually infuses the dye into the aluminum, not just heats it onto the aluminum. The result is something that looks so alive and full of depth you can get lost in them.

The traditional wall art prints can be mounted with wood edges, traditional or modern frames, pretty much any way that you think will fit the space where the photograph will hang.

My canvas prints are very well priced and you can get large prints on canvas for exceptionally low prices. This is also a place where I can use my Photoshop skills and give a "look" to the photograph to make it look more like a painting if you choose.

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Printed for Permanence and Quality

Everybody in the family want a print of the gorgeous couple? Maybe just a present to Grandma for offering her veil as the "something borrowed" for your wedding?

If you have a family like mine that devours photographs and has walls of family events this can be the area to get lot's of photographs either in a lovely container for your table, or to frame on your own.

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