August 13, 2020



With all of my packages I offer light retouching. I include this because cameras are mean! I have shot all day with a client and not noticed that they have acne, only to get home, look at the photos and see nothing but acne. It’s why people hate having their photographs taken, and I want you to love your photographs!

The final photos you receive will all be individually and lovingly edited by me. I get rid of blemishes and things like crumbs on a jacket for the photographs delivered in the “Photographer’s Favs” section of your online gallery (usually about 40-50 photos). The rest of the photos I do not do this with unless you purchase the Aspen package. With that package I will remove distractions in all of the photographs.

My retouching is done with the intention of getting rid of elements that will distract people from seeing you. I will not change what was in front of me however. If you forgot to shave or left a bracelet on by mistake, I can get rid of it in the photographs for you, but it will incur an extra cost. If you want full retouching you should look into the Aspen package¬†which includes more retouching on all of the photographs. I will not change a person in my photographs. I am a photojournalist and a believer in loving yourself completely, so no “skinny-ing” no changing heads out, etc. But don’t worry I have an assistant with me at every wedding to make sure all of those details are right in camera.

I teach both Lightroom (photo editing software) and Photoshop (the program used for retouching) and have worked professionally on the program practically since it’s inception, so my retouching is highly professional, clean and subtle.


Retouching, Before


Retouching, After