When do you need a second photographer?

In general, adding another photographer allows you to have photographers in two places at one time, and to get two angles and perspectives throughout the day. It also allows us more breathing room for creative photography and makes the day more relaxed.

Every package includes a photography assistant for your wedding day. My assistant is there for everyone on your wedding day, they can run and grab flowers left behind, people, hold and set the wedding dress, etc. All of my packages include a 2nd photographer except the Elopement, Cottonwood & Cottonwood w/Video packages.

Here are a few reasons to hire two photographers for your wedding.

If you…

  • …have a larger wedding (over 100 guests) you will probably need a second photographer for your wedding
  • …are getting married at a large venue
  • …want coverage of both partners and their wedding parties getting ready before the wedding
  • …are planning a big exit from your wedding that involves sparklers, bubbles, paper airplanes, etc.
  • …will be taking your couple photographs away from the main location
  • …are having a First Look and want reactions from both people
  • …want the reactions from the guests during the ceremony
  • …want “table shots” (photos with the couple at each table) or “grin and grabs” (someone to take event style photos of your guests throughout the reception)
  • …are having your wedding at multiple locations
  • …have a tight timeline with many events, it will flow better with two photographers
  • …want lot’s of moments. I will get many, but I am focused on the main event all day long, so those little side moments are always captured by the 2nd photographer
  • …have tons of details about your wedding you would like photographed

Here is a great example of the same moment in 2022 by myself and my 2nd photographer…

While I was photographing this first photo, my second photographer was photographing the mother of the bride and her mother crying before the bride came down the aisle

cherokee ranch & castle wedding


cherokee ranch & castle wedding