Wedding Photography Contract

Thank you for booking your wedding photography with Gretchen Troop Photography, LLC! You are in good hands, and I look forward to creating beautiful images of this important day for you and your family.

1. Deliverables

Gretchen Throop Williams, principal of Gretchen Troop Photography, LLC (further referred to as “GTP” and referenced to include all sub-contractors working with Gretchen Troop Photography, LLC), will perform as the primary photographer at the wedding of...

Please provide an email address to send this contract to...

The wedding will be held at...

time of arrival (can be changed closer to the wedding if need be)
time of departure (can be changed closer to the wedding if need be)

GTP will be providing unlimited photography and/or video, subject to external variables beyond GTP's control (e.g., weather, location/venue restrictions, light availability, scheduling complications due to lateness of wedding party or unwillingness of individuals to be photographed or videoed).

High resolution digital files (no smaller than 2,500 pixels on the long edge, in JPEG format), will be edited and delivered within 14, 21 or 30 days of the wedding day (Aspen-Blue Spruce-Cottonwood consecutively). Video files are to be delivered within the same time constraint and are delivered solely on a USB Drive. Photography files are delivered by digital download from your personalized wedding web page and also mailed to you on a USB Drive.

2. Change of Date and/or Venue

I agree to notify GTP by phone/email at my earliest convenience should a change of date and/or venue occur. In situations where the new venue requires substantial travel, I agree to pay for the reasonable logistical expenses incurred by the change.

Furthermore, I understand that GTP may not be available on the alternate date and if she is unavailable to photograph on the new date for any reason, that GTP will do her best to provide an equivalent photographer and/or videographer under the existing contract.

If the equivalent provider's services are refused, then the deposit is forfeited.

3. Cancellation

Upon acceptance of this agreement and receipt of the initial down payment, a cooling off period of two (2) business days is allowed for any change-of-mind. After that period, I accept that no refunds for change-of-mind or events will apply.

In the unlikely event that GTP needs to cancel, the entire deposit is to be repaid within 1 (one) week of cancellation, accompanied with a list of equivalent and available photographers that have the same skills and style.

4. Copyright

Negatives, digital files, and previews remain the exclusive property of GTP.

The files that are sent after the wedding are for personal use, to be shown online as well as printed. GTP requests that Client does not edit nor add any filters to the delivered photos. High-quality professional prints and wedding books are available through GTP.

Credit is always appreciated when shown online.

5. Meals and Breaks

I agree to provide GTP a meal every 6 hours. I will do my best to request that the dinner meal is served at the same time as the bride and groom’s meal so that GTP can stay on the same schedule.

GTP requires parking close to the venue(s) to store and access equipment. If not possible, then a storage room or safe place needs to be provided.

6. Exclusivity

I acknowledge that the presence of other photographers or videographers at the event may hinder or disrupt the ability of GTP to perform their job correctly. GTP shall be the exclusive provider of photography and videography (if purchased through GTP). Wedding guests are permitted to photograph at the photographer's discretion, or as long as they do not hinder GTP.

7. Payment Agreement

agree to pay a total of,

... to “Gretchen Troop Photography, LLC” for professional services. I understand that half of the total amount is due immediately upon the signing of this contract as a down payment and to retain the services of GTP for your wedding date. The remaining balance will be invoiced 30 days before your wedding date and is due no later than two weeks before your wedding date. I understand that this initial down payment also gives exclusivity to GTP’s services on that date.

Any time required at the venue beyond the hours outlined by the package will be charged overtime rates of time and half for each provider. These overtime charges are due before GTP leaves the wedding venue.

8. Signatures


Please click Submit and a copy of this Contract will be sent to the email provided, and you will be redirected to the payment page. The down payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.