Wedding Questionnaire

As it gets closer and closer to your wedding day the “to-do list” will pile up fast. If you would, please take time now to fill out this questionnaire. Some of the brides and grooms I have worked with have also found it handy for solidifying their plans.
Don’t worry if things change, we will be in touch and I am always adapting for your wedding day, this is just to give me an idea of the scope of your wedding.
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The Bride

The Groom

Important Information


Locations and Timing

What time would you like Gretchen to leave?

What Makes Your Wedding Uniquely Yours?

an approximation is fine
If you aren't sure let me know and we can discuss it before the wedding.
Please share any special traditions or celebrations that are included in your wedding day so that I can keep an eye out for them!
*FOB = Father of the Bride **MOG = Mother of the Groom

Friends & Family

Unfortunately I am horrible at remembering names (please do not take it personally) so this helps me to remember them.
Please add your website, Pinterest or send a LookBook from my website.

Final Questions